NLT Introduces Northern Light Medical-Grade Face Masks

By February 24, 2021 September 16th, 2022 No Comments

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, NLT is now manufacturing certified three-ply disposable medical-grade face masks in Canada. These hypoallergenic and water-repellent masks provide more than 99% bacterial and particulate filtration efficiency. They are designed for use in the medical industry and exceed criteria for the recent Public Health Agency of Canada’s recommendation that residents wear masks that have three layers and a filter, making them appropriate for all uses.

With a metal core nose bridge that assures a better fit, the 175mm x 95mm mask is latex- and fiberglass-free. Its three-ply design features an external layer that is completely water-repellent, a middle one composed of a polypropylene meltblown filter for high-level filtration efficiency and an inside layer that is soft and gentle for face contact.

The Northern Light medical face mask is certified to the ASTM F2100 (Level 1, 2 and 3) standard, as well as the European EN14683 Type IIR standard. These are the required specifications for the performance of materials used in medical face masks. NLT’s masks are manufactured in an ISO 8 clean room facility at their Toronto, Canada plant.

NLT combines high-level quality controls and systems to create these Canadian-made masks appropriate for healthcare workers, long-term care professionals and first responders. They may also be preferred by members of the general public wanting higher-grade, certified masks. Recent studies reported by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) demonstrate that multi-layer masks can block up to 50-70% of fine droplets and particles, limiting forward spread and also reducing the wearer’s exposure to infection droplets through filtration.

Northern Light medical face masks are available by emailing or contacting our Canadian distributer, Levitt-Safety, at 1-888-4LEVITT.